Oboroten is an artist management agency based in London.

The agency provides artist management and consultancy services to artists, labels,  publishers, venues.

Oboroten operates in the United Kingdom as well as the Italian, German and Japanese markets.

The Rumpled


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I’m a professional with a 360° experience in the Music Business.

Being a musician myself, I know the struggle of artists in the current music environment.

I’ve worked several years as copyright law consultant for a primary law firm in Italy,  dealing with some of the most successful music acts in Italy.

During my career I found many talented artists who got stripped of a brillant career for being inadequately advised by the very people who should know the business and do their interests.

In 2017 I decided to create Oboroten: an agency aiming at developing new talents in a friendly, sharing and international environment, offering as well a truly independent and competent consultancy service for artists and companies, for an affordable price.

The goal is simple: enabling the players to express their full potential in the music business, on their daily struggle to the top of the charts.


Artist Management


Develop and grow a proper identity for your project and make it stand out

Project Management

Plan and execute a unique strategy for your release and gain maximum exposure

Digital Consultancy

Establish an effective digital presence on social media and more


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